"Be Prepared" is a song from the episode of the same name. It explains how to use first aid kit, radio, flashlight, food, and water.


All Danger Rangers: How do you keep an accident from happening?
How do you stop the things you can't control?
Fallbot: A car can lose its brakes,
Kitty: And people make mistakes,
Burble: And storms and floods and quakes can come out of the blue,
Sully: So what do you do?

All Danger Rangers: How do you keep a hurricane from blowing?
(Kitty: You can't.)
Fallbot: There's things you can't avoid, but don't be scared.
All Danger Rangers: Sometimes you can't prevent
An unfortunate event.
Squeeky: So what do you do?
All Danger Rangers: You be prepared.

Burble: Be prepared.
(All Other Danger Rangers: Be prepared!)
Burble: And be thinking, just in case.
(All Other Danger Rangers: Be prepared!)
Sully: Yes, you dare to have another plan in place.
(All Other Danger Rangers: Be prepared!)
Kitty: 'Cause when there's a chance that someone could get hurt,
Though you're careful, and you've checked,
Fallbot: There's things you don't expect.

Burble: Like, walking with your friends, you go out hiking.
How would you know the rocks above are loose?
Burt: You've got no crystal ball
Sully: To see those rocks would fall.
But, did you bring a phone to call if you need help?
(All Other Danger Rangers: Be prepared!)

Burble: Your car is on the road,
You flat a tire.
(Fallbot: Uh-oh!)
Burble: But think of all the trouble you'd be spared.
Sully: When you learn that 'cause of dad, you're not sunk.
Squeeky: The spare is in a trunk.
Burble: Say, "Thank you, dad...
All Danger Rangers: ... for bein' prepared!"

Burble: Be prepared.
All Other Danger Rangers: Be prepared!)
Kitty: Yes, in all the things you do.
Playing sports, know the rules, wear the right equipment, too.

Sully: In the crosswalk, you're right,

But a car could run the light.
Fallbot: That is why, without a doubt
Burble: What life is all about
Is "Be prepared."
(All Other Danger Rangers: Be prepared!)

Burble: If you want to be the best
Sully: Be prepared when you got to take your math and English test.
Sully & Kitty: Have you memorized your address and the place where you belong?
Squeeky: When you go outside, remember, take your common sense along.
Burble: And always bear in mind, if something ends up goin' wrong...
All Danger Rangers: Don't panic, keep your cool, don't be scared.
Think ahead.
Be prepared!


  • Be Prepared (first appearance)


  • "Be Prepared" is one of two titular songs, the other being "Cave Save," and the only such song to actually use the title as part of the lyrics.
  • This is not the only song with this title, as there is a song in Disney's The Lion King of the same title.