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"Cave Save" is the title song from the episode of the same name. It explains not to go inside the cave and why.

In the song, there is dialogue.


(NOTE: All dialogue is italicized and in brackets.)

Burble: When you go down caves exploring
Where it's dark and cold and deep,
All those signs that you're ignoring
Better look before you leap.

[Coyote Girl: Are you sure we should be doing this?
Lizard Boy: I don't know. It looks pretty dark down there. But yeah, I guess.]

Kitty: Do you know what's down inside there?
A careless step is all it takes
To slip or fall or have to crawl through
Rats and bats and bugs and snakes.

Burble: Oh-ho.
(Background Voices: Oh-ho.)
Burble: Hey-hey.
(Background Voices: Hey-hey.)
Burble: Do you...
(Background Voices: Do you...)
Burble: Obey
(Background Voices: Obey)
Burble: Those signs
(Background Voices: Those signs)
That say...
"Beware. Steep drop."
"Danger." "Stop."

Sully: When you go down caves exploring
Through all that earth and rock and stone,
You could stray and lose your way,
And now you're stuck there all alone.

[Lizard Boy: Maybe this was a bad idea.
Cow Girl: Yeah, I think you're right. Let's go back.
Lizard Boy: Yeah, okay.]

Kitty: Caves can fool you when you're down there.
You might find out that it's awfully deep.
Squeeky: You try to climb, the walls have slime,
And you're slippin' and a sliding, 'cause it's way to steep.

Burble: So don't...
(Background Voices: So don't...)
Burble: ... go in.
(Background Voices: ... go in.)
Burble: Stay out...
(Background Voices: Stay out...)
Burble: ... and you win.
(Background Voices: ... you win.)
Burble: 'Cause a cave...
(Background Voices: A cave...)
Burble: ... can cave in.
Squeeky: And seal the route.
You can't climb out.

Kitty: When you go down caves exploring,
To a world that's strange, unknown.
Stop and glance, you're takin' a chance
When you're walkin' on the top of loose rock and stone.

Burble: Do you see those timbers rotting?
Rocks are loose above your head.
Sully: Note those telltale signs you're spotting.
Kitty: And turn about...
(Background Voices: Turn about...)
Burble: And just back right out...
(Background Voices: Back right out.)
Burble: Say, "See ya round.
Danger Rangers and Animals: I'm not goin' down that cave!"

Appearance Edit

  • Cave Save (first appearance)


  • "Cave Save" is one of only two titular songs, the other being "Be Prepared."
  • Unlike "Be Prepared," "Cave Save" doesn't mention the title as part of the lyrics.
  • However, in the credits, it is simply credited as "Caves."
  • The Danger Rangers wear their mining gear in this song segment.
  • Certain creatures sing the background voices in the same voices as the Backing Trio.