Charlie is a fox character from "Free Wheelin'." He's riding a bike to the park with his friends. When they went to the park, Charlie told them that it was a special day, so Rocky Racer is a superstar skateboarder; he has no safety gear. Charlie and his friends are joining him, but Rocky stopped Charlie and said, "No babies allowed." Charlie told him that they do like babies with the gear on. Charlie told them to stay and watch because he's having fun, removed his equipment, ignored his friends with safety rules, and raced to the top of the ramp. When Charlie's climbed to the top, he raced down the ramp, balanced dangerously with the wheels, and he followed his rim with enormous jump through the air before landing. Rocky told him that he'll be a star and watched him that he can do the skateboard master trick of 360. Charlie managed to spinning around, but a little bit of landing and he doesn't need the babysitter. Rocky told him that Charlie needs to take out on the street, and the pros take the skills. Rocky teased Charlie that if he's a chicken, he'll never make up a big time kid and Charlie'll never be the same league of these guys; he is not a chicken. Charlie and Rocky are headed the park, and do some stunts.

When the Danger Rangers finished stopping those kids from doing actions stunts, he and Rocky are racing down the stairs and headed straight to the fountain, but Gabriela and Burble rescued them from crashing into the fountain. When they're safe at last, Charlie would've known if it wasn't for the Danger Rangers, should've listened to KC and Noah, and too dangerous for being stunts. Noah told him that he doesn't need the babysitter. Rocky apologized to Charlie for being bullied and he learned a lesson.

When the Charlie, his friends, and the Danger Rangers headed back to the park, Sully gave Noah a SAVO unit, Charlie said that it's great, and he's going to keep safe himself, so he'll become a Junior Danger Ranger just like Noah and KC.


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