Commander Octodon

Commander Octodon is the main antagonist of the episode "Water Works." He is an octopus who plans on having an underwater hideout, so he is against the Danger Rangers' idea of making every pool and ship float-worthy. Because they planned on promoting water safety, including his location, Puerto Rico, he plans on having their reputation ruined, so he has his accomplices, Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams, make pools dangerous and prevent the Rangers from being prepared (by stealing their rescue things) and get them discredited on TV (having them blame a having-stowed-away Fallbot for it because he wasn't trained).

When Fallbot's name is cleared, it is revealed that the yacht is fake, so he tries to outsmart the Rangers (throwing his swimming-disabled accomplices overboard in the process), but Sully has the hovercam send Fallbot onto him, and Fallbot ends up defeating him.

Octodon is voiced by Gregg Berger.

He was seen again in "Fallbot Forget Me Not" as memory #2 for Fallbot.

Appearances Edit

  • Water Works (first appearance)
  • Fallbot Forget Me Not