"Common Sense" is a song in Danger Rangers and appears from the pilot in Youtube, "Medicine Mix-Up," and "Kitty's Surprise Party." It is about using common sense to be safe.


Sully & Kitty: It all comes down to using

Common sense

When danger strikes

Your brain's your best defense

Burble: It is wise to play with fire?

Burt: Or touch an electric wire?

Burble, Kitty, & Squeeky: It all comes down to using common sense

Burble: When you ride your bike

Full speed ahead...

Kitty: Do you wear a helmet on your head?

Sully: Before you scream down hill berserk

Burble: Did you check your brakes'll work?

Safety's nothing more than common sense.

Kitty: When you see that kitchen stove is hot

(Background Voices: Hot Hot Hot!)

Burt: And right on top's

A great big boiling pot

(Background Voices: Hot Pot)

Burble: Should you stand underneath

That scalding pot?

Sully: Or grab the handle, better not

Sully & Kitty: You got to choose

To use your common sense.

Burble: You're at the swimming pool

You chase a ball.

You run too fast, you slip and fall.

Down you go, you smack your head.

Remember now, what we said?

All Rangers (GB included): It all comes down

To using common sense

Burble: It all comes down to

Something they call intelligence

Squeeky: Don't touch or play with any gun.

Sully: A stranger grabs you, turn and run.

Kitty: Someone's hurt, call 911.

Burble, Squeeky, & Kitty: Gotta use common sense.

Squeeky: When there's a fire

And you can't see the door,

Get down underneath the smoke

And crawl across the floor.

Kitty: Before you open any doors up wide

You better make sure you feel the side

Burble: And if it's hot then open it ...

Squeeky: NOT!

Burble, Squeeky, & Sully: Use common sense

Kitty: There are smoke detectors

Burble: Bike reflectors

Squeeky: Shin guards, knee pads, eye protectors

Sully: Catcher's mask and safety net

All: Live vest, seat belts, you can bet

It all comes down

To using common sense

Burble: It all comes down

To using common sense

Yes it all comes down to using

Squeeky: Don't be out there snoozing

All: It all comes down

To using common sense

Squeeky: Stay alert and you won't get hurt!

Appearances Edit

  • Medicine Mix-Up (first appearance)
  • Kitty's Surprise Party


  • "Common Sense" is the song in all three of its appearances.
  • Kate, Timmy, and Juan (all from "Wild Wheels") appear in certain parts of the segment.