"Everybody Be Water Safe" is a song from "Water Works". It explains how it is fun to go into the pool or ocean at the beach, but what you should or shouldn't do while you're there. 
Everyone Be Water Safe

This is the one song to be used more than once in the same episode: first time without Fallbot, and the second time with him. In fact, the second time, Fallbot sings the part Squeeky sings mainly (though Squeeky does join the background vocals).

The first version is reused in "Kitty's Surprise Party."


Squeeky/Fallbot: Water, water, everywhere
To swim and bathe and drink.
Oceans, ponds, and rivers, lakes,
Your bathtub and your sink.

Kitty: Water's cool.
Burble: Let's jump in the pool.
Sully: Come on, everybody. Get wet.
Squeeky/Fallbot: But don't horse around
'Cause you could drown.
Squeeky/Fallbot & Kitty: And that's why we never forget.

All: When you're swimmin' and your splashin'...

Everybody be water safe.
Squeeky/Fallbot: Don't run on the side of the pool.
Burble: You don't swim the best,
Wear a good life vest.
Squeeky/Fallbot: That's the golden rule.

Kitty: When you're out with lots of friends
And you all go to the beach.
Squeeky/Fallbot: Don't go swimmin' way out far
Where no one else can reach.

Sully: And when those waves come crashing down,
Burt: Don't be near them rocks.
Squeeky/Fallbot: And don't swim out far
Where the motor boats are
Kitty: And when that lifeguard talks.

Kitty: Listen up.
Burble: He's sayin'...

All: "Everybody be water safe.
Squeeky & Burble (and Kitty in the redo): Swim with a buddy or two.
Squeeky/Fallbot: And before you go,
Make sure you know
All: That someone's watching you.
Everybody be water safe.
Burt: Don't dunk.
Sully: Don't push.
Kitty: Don't shove.
All: Keep it fun
For everyone
Squeeky/Fallbot: 'Cause safety is the thing that we love."

Burble: You're at the lake, you're about to take
A great, big, flyin' leap.
Squeeky/Fallbot: Before you dive headfirst off a great, big rock,
Make sure the water's deep.

Burble: Protect life and limb,
Sully: Learn to swim,
Kitty: And recall this song today.
When you play in pools,
You gotta know the rules,
And if a problem starts, you say...

All together now!

All: Everybody be water safe
When you get in the pool.
We want mom, dad, son, and daughter safe.
That's the golden rule!

Appearances Edit

  • Water Works (first appearance)
  • Kitty's Surprise Party