Kevin Masker is a 9-year-old raccoon child and a Junior Danger Ranger who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is from the episode "Where the Fun Never Stops."

Kevin was among the kids playing on the playground equipment, only to get tangled on the top lintel (horizontal element) of the swing set because he'd been trying to get a prize out of there, which meant swinging higher than he should have.

Kevin eventually tries to join the Junior Danger Rangers in rescuing the kids, but is by far unable to keep up. When the Rangers are saved, the Junior Rangers say the motto, and then so does he. Kitty picks him up.

He became a Junior Danger Ranger near the end, but because he is new, he has trouble refraining from asking questions to Ranger Sully (at first) late at night, so the latter asks Savo (who never sleeps) to keep him company.

Kevin made a cameo in "Safe and Sound," more specifically, the "Protect Your Ears" segment, as he is in the crowd.

One of the Raccoon kids in the fire segment of "Mission 547: Safety Rules!" looks like Kevin, as he, too, wears a light green T-shirt, but doesn't wear any pants, shoes, or socks, but he is nowhere near the same character, as Kevin is voiced by Jason Marsden, but the similar raccoon boy is voiced by Sherry Lynn.

Chronologically, Kevin is the second Junior Danger Ranger to be voiced by Marsden, the first being Lucky Curl.