"Learn to Swim" is the second song from "Wet and Wild." It is about learning how to swim. One of the kids, being a role model, takes a few solo parts, but he doesn't actually sing those parts.


Kitty: You can use lots of things

Like water wings

And stuff that helps you float

Or wear a buoyant vest

Around your chest

Or stay inside the boat.

Hold on to water craft

A rubber raft

Or life preserver too

Squeeky: But when you're going in the water

What's the best thing you can do?

Kitty: Learn to swim...

Other Danger Rangers: Learn to swim!

Burble: 'Cause if that inner tube should slip

Or if you ever lose your grip,

Then you're okay.

Kitty: Learn to swim.

Others: Learn to swim!

Kitty: Cause if you fall into a pool,

You can say now, "Hey, it's cool,"

And swim away.

You can stay, my friend,

In the shallow end

And keep your mom in reach.

You can hold her hand and play in sand

And stay up on the beach.

Burble: You can grab the ledge

And hold the edge of the pool

And don't let go.

Burt: But if you want to play in water

Then the best thing you can know

Kitty: Is how to swim,

Other Danger Rangers: ... How to swim!

Kitty: It's so easy, you can do it

And you'll tell yourself...

Otter Boy: I knew it it! That's so cool!

Kitty: Learn to swim, learn to swim,

Kitty: And you'll feel just like a giant

Kitty & Burble: Because now you're self-reliant

In the pool.

Kitty: When you can swim about

And do without

A life vest, that's the key.

Have a lifeguard there

Who's taking care

To watch both you and me

You can dunk your face

Or safely race

And really get to play

Cause when they ask you,

"Where's your water wings?"

You can proudly say...

Otter Boy: I can swim!

Other Kids: I can swim!

Kitty: And keep my arms and legs in motion

And go splashing in the ocean.

Squeeky: That's the goal!

Otter Boy: I can swim!

Other Kids: You can swim!

Kitty: And I can get myself to safety...

Otter Boy: 'Cause now that I can swim I'm in control!

Sully: So be like her.

Kitty: And be like him.

Danger Rangers: You can do it, nothing to it,

Learn to swim!

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