Burble and Kitties
"Places Not To Play" is a song from "Cave Save". It explains where you can and can't play. For example, it explains that it's okay to play on a playground, basketball court, baseball field, park, or similar places, but never in a washing machine, drawer, or any sort of appliance, or in junkyard lots with nails and broken glass or condemned buildings, or in a trunk.


Burble: Hey, kids, we want you to stay,
Gabriela: 'Cause we've got something important to tell you today,
Kitty: So gather 'round, and listen to what we're gonna say.
Squeeky: Let's have a conversation.
Burble: Here's the situation.

Kitty: You wake up in your bedroom on a Saturday morn,
And you can see that it's a beautiful day.
(Backing Trio: Bright, sunny day.)
Kitty: You hear somebody roar.
It's your friends at the door.
And they are shouting, "Can you come out and play?!"
(Backing Trio: Play.)

Sully: We're gonna play a sport,
Hit the basketball court.
Or there's a soccer field or a park on the way.
Burble: Yeah, there's places to go,
But it's important to know,
There's also places that you never should play.
(Backing Trio: Come-a, come-a, come-a.)

Burble: Backyards are for kickin' that ball,
But you never wanna play in the street.
(Backing Trio: No, no, no.)
A bad spot is the junkyard lot,
Squeeky: 'Cause hidden in the grass,
Burble: There's nails and broken glass.

Kitty: A boarded-up house, or a building condemned,
Where the wood inside has rot and decay.
(Backing Trio: Oooh, ooh.)
Kitty: You go inside to explore,
And you could fall through the floor.
That's why it's where you never should play.

Sully: When you're in the house with friends, playing hide-and-go-seek,
There are places that you don't want to hide,
Squeeky: Like in the dryer, we mean,
Sully: Or in a washing machine,
Squeeky: Where the door could shut and lock you inside.
(Backing Trio: No no no no no no.)

Burble: Baseball fields are for playing for fun,
And you could always run and skate in the park.
(Backing Trio: Yeah yeah.)
Burble: But the places to fear
And to never go near
Squeeky: Are spots where people fell
Burble: Like an old, abandoned well.

Kitty: Or the trunk inside your basement that could lock from inside,
Or the cubby hole that's under the stair.

Sully: Let your brain be your guide.
If it could trap you inside...

All: Then that intelligence you're showin'
Gabriela: Will tell you not to go in
All: To places that are dangerous to play.