Quentin V. Manderbill
Quentin V. Manderbill is the villain of the episode "Where the Fun Never Stops." He is a mad scientist duck who had won the Nobel prize at the age of 10.

He is villainous because he rigged the playground equipment just to power his machine. He does so by putting prizes inside, forcing kids to push the limit, destroying the equipment in the process. Any time he sees any of the Danger Rangers inspecting the problem, he uses his ray gun to capture them. Fortunately, because Gabriela stays at the headquarters all this time, she never counts. Whenever he captures them, or, for Sully's case, any of them gets any closer, they lose contact with SAVO and Gabriela, and each other. They are confined to being in force-field rings inside a force-field.

Fortunately, as suggested, Manderbill has no idea that Kitty has an adroit tail, which she uses to reach the phone and tell Gabriela to make sure all parents stop their kids from playing on the equipment, which will decrease the machine's power and free the captured Rangers. They then go after him and have him captured, and the police arrest him.

Manderbill is voiced by Rob Paulsen (the voice of Squeeky).

Although this is his only TV appearance, Quentin appears in the book "Adventure Island."


  • Where the Fun Never Stops