"Ride Smart" is a song from "Go Games." It explains how they better watch out and can have fun riding a bike. 
Road plan


Burble: You gotta ride smart.
That's the best way to start.
When you go in the street,
All the traffic you'll meet,
You gotta ride smart.

Kitty: You gotta take care.
Be alert and aware.
When you're zoomin' about,
And a car's backin' out,
Whoop, you gotta beware.

Sully: I know you're keepin' it safe,
And you're doin' your part.
When you bike and you skate,
Yeah, a helmet is great.
Till you gotta ride smart.

Kitty: You gotta have fun!
You get to laugh and to shout!
You're ridin' fast and go far,
You're approachin' a car.
Ah! You'd better watch out!
(Male Danger Rangers: Did I mention pay attention?)

Burble: 'Cause you gotta ride smart.
Sully: You don't bolt. You don't dart.
Burble: You look at the signs.
Kitty: You're crossin' the lines.
Sully: It takes safety to heart.

Burble: But are you keepin' that horse
Out in front of that cart?
'Cause for avoidin' the worst
Wear a helmet, but first,
You gotta ride smart.

All Danger Rangers: You gotta think twice
When approaching a light.
Before you're burning a tread,
You're turning your head
To the left and the right.

Burble: If it's a dangerous route,
Then you gotta watch out.
Sully: And I'm thinkin' it's time you start...
All Danger Rangers: ... to learn to ride safe.
Sully: Wearin' that gear!
Kitty: Keep an eye on them cars
Don't be gettin' too near.
Burble: But above all that,
You listen up here.
Burble and Kitty: You gotta ride smart.
Burble: You gotta ride smart.
All Danger Rangers: You gotta ride smart.

Appearances Edit

  • Go Games (first appearance)


  • The Danger Rangers wear top hats and tuxedos with red vests and bow ties during this song segment, but only Burble wears shoes with his outfit.
  • This song explains about how you have to ride your bike safely.
  • Gabriela does not appear in this segment.

Goof Edit

Regarding the appearances of the Danger Rangers in this segment, when it's Kitty's first turn (and then Sully's) to be in the lead, Burble is barefoot like the others. Then, when Kitty takes her second turn, Burble's wearing his shoes again.