"Rules of the Road" is a song from "Wild Wheels." It is sung only by Burble. It explains what you should not do when you ride on skateboards, bikes, or scooters.

It is reused in "Fallbot Forget Me Not."


Burble: You're riding on your skateboard
Thinkin', "What a great board.
I don't need a helmet or pads."
Then you hit a bump.
Your head has got a lump.
And the pain you're feelin' hurts really bad.

You're bikin' down the street
And are headed fifty feet
On the corner, there's a sign that says, "Stop!"
You ignore the intersection
You don't look each direction.
And suddenly, you feel your bike drop.

Burble & Backing Trio: And that is when you know you are stuck.
'Cause you turn your head and see a big truck.
And you know that you just ran out of luck.

Burble: Obey the rules of the road.

You're thinkin, "I can ride my bike
Any way I like, uh-uh."

(Backing Trio: Wee-hee-hee-hee!)

Burble: You're speedin' down a hill.
You fall and take a spill.

Burble & Backing Trio: You feel the bonk,
Hear the honk. Ma-dee-buh-dee-dee.

Burble: You're ridin' on your Razor
Shootin' like a laser,
Passin' everybody in sight.
You're knockin' people on the sidewalk,
Thinkin' it's a wide walk,
Swervin' to the left and the right.

Burble & Backing Trio: You're laughin', lookin' back
And then you hit a crack,
And suddenly, you're out of control.
You said you didn't care,
Now you're flyin' through the air,
Hit the pavement, then you tumble and roll.

Burble: You were speedin', you were havin' a ball.
You didn't think you'd slip and you'd fall...

Burble & Backing Trio: But when your bike crashes into that wall...

Burble: You'll want the rules of the road.

Burble & Backing Trio: Obey the rules of the road.
Give me the rules of the road.
I love the rules of the road.
I want the rules of the road.

Appearances Edit

  • Wild Wheels (first appearance)
  • Fallbot Forget Me Not


When Kate is riding a scooter in this segment, she eats a frankfurter that flies out. It's not safe to eat while riding, especially so fast, due to the possibility of choking.