Rusty Ringtail is the main villain of the episode "Wild Wheels." He is a reckless, roller-skating raccoon.

Burble had a history with his foil, Burble (they are foils because they had both grown up on the streets, but they went different directions, as Burble learned common sense, and Rusty didn't). He had been written up for careless riding (such as not wearing a helmet), and he simply crumpled up the write-up paper, not to mention he stole an apple, and he got imprisoned once.

Rusty's goal is to skate up to the torch of the Statue of Liberty unnoticed. He finds safety gear slowing down and is big on super-speed, so he doesn't allow his minions, Snarf and Chili Dog, to wear any either (against their will), and yet he gets irritated when they complain over the pain.

He made the cameo appearance in the "Fires and Liars" song segment "False Alarms" as he and his gang report a fire that is not present, so a fox family is standing on the outer edge of their apartment. Eventually, they are imprisoned for this false alarm.

Rusty is voiced by Jason Marsden.


  • Wild Wheels (first appearance)