"Use That Crosswalk" is a song from "The Great Race". It explains how to look both ways and wait until the light is green (but still watch in case a driver runs a red light, turns with the wrong signal or none at all, or whatever).

It is reused in "Fallbot Forget Me Not."


Burble: You're walking down the sidewalk,

And right there before your feet,

You're standing on the curb

And now you want to cross the street.

Burt: Wait a sec, just turn your neck.

There's traffic passing by.

Kitty: You can't cross here, the coast ain't clear

Kitty & Backing Trio: And that's the reason why,

Kitty: ... You've got to

Fallbot: Use that crosswalk when you

Step into the street

Use that crosswalk

And be thinking on your feet

Keep inside that lane

And stay with mom and pop

Squeeky: And be watching while you're crossing

That the cars are gonna stop

Kitty: You're waiting at the corner

For the light to turn to green

You step into the intersection

Check, have you been seen?

Sully: That's why it pays to look both ways

Before you start to go

Burble: You're on the job, you got no prob

And that's because you know

You've got to...

All Danger Rangers: ...use that crosswalk

And be sure to read the signs

Fallbot: All you've got to do is

Stay between the lines

Other Danger Rangers: Watch out for traffic

When you're crossing at the lights

Squeeky: A car could signal left,

But then end up turning right!

Burble: You don't like being careless

And that's why you never dart

Out into the traffic,

'Cause you know that isn't smart.

Burt: You don't like taking chances

And that makes you really cool.

Kitty: 'Cause when you want to cross the street,

There's one important rule:

All Danger Rangers: Use the crosswalk.

Hey, it isn't hard to do

Wear bright clothing

Squeeky & Kitty: And make sure you stay in view

Sully: Why'd the chicken cross the road?

To reach the other side.

Squeeky: But he didn't use the crosswalk,

And that chicken almost died

All Danger Rangers & Kids: Use the crosswalk

Looking left and looking right.

Just push that little button

And be patient for the light.

Fallbot: A kid who'll use the crosswalk

Is a winner, and that's you.

All Danger Rangers & Kids: So stay between those lines

When you cross that avenue!

Appearances Edit

  • The Great Race (first appearance)
  • Fallbot Forget Me Not


Apparently, the backup trio appears the least number of times, as they only briefly appear once when Kitty sings, "And that's the reason why, you've got to."