"Wear Your Helmet" is a song from "Go Games." It explains why the helmet won't crash. They use eyebrow, ear, and mouth check.


Burble: You want protection on your bike.
You found a helmet that you like.
Kitty: And you went out and bought the best one that they make.
Sully: It's the coolest one they sell
Burt: With a real, hard, outer shell.
Squeeky: You could smack it on the asphault. It won't break.

Burble: It doesn't chip. It won't smash
It protects you in a crash.
Kitty: And it's painted up in silver, gold, and red.
But remember, when you fall,
A helmet does no good at all
Squeeky: Unless, my friend, you wear it on your head.

Kitty & Backing Trio: Gotta wear that helmet, wear it right.
Make sure those straps are good and tight.
Don't just be hoppin' on your bike, and zoom, you're gone.
'Cause, oh, protection's really great
For when you bike and when you skate.
Sully: A helmet only works when you've got it on.

Kitty: Folks on scooters, bikes, and sleds
All wear helmets on their heads
Burble: So do football players, race-car drivers, too.
Sully: Professional athletes playing hockey
Squeeky: Each horseback-ridin' jockey...
Sully: They all wear helmets...
Squeeky: And so should you!

Burble: Protect your head when you ride
'Cause it's got your brain inside.
Burt: And your cranium's not titanium or concrete.
Kitty: When you go flying through the air,
It's the safety stuff you wear
Sully: That comes between your body and the street.

Kitty & Backing Trio: Obey your moms, obey your dads
Gotta use those helmets and those pads.
Strap those elbows, wrists, and shin guards to yourself.
You can buy that safety stuff,
But it's never gonna be enough,
Sully: If you go to ride, and you leave it all on the shelf.

Burble: And it's no substitute at all
For ridin' safe so you don't fall.
Sully: So wear that helmet
Burt: Well done.
Burble: Don't crash!
Squeeky: That's no fun!
All Danger Rangers Present: Always wear that helmet on your head!

Trivia Edit

This is the second song segment in which the background female feline trio never wears their regular outfits. Instead, they wear their athletic clothes and safety gear throughout. The first time was "Stay Calm."

Appearances Edit

  • Go Games (first appearance)