"Wheels" is a song from "Wild Wheels." It explains how to ride a bike, scooter, and skates. They like to go fast and they're gonna go far. 

It is reused in "Kitty's Surprise Party."


Burble: You're ridin' on skates
And you start to swerve.
When you're racin' your bike,
Do you like a dangerous curve?
You like to ride your skateboard
In front of automobiles?
The golden rule
Is you gotta be cool
When you're riding on wheels.

'Cause you're gonna go fast
(Backing Trio: Gonna go fast)
Burble: And you're gonna go far
(Backing Trio: Gonna go far)
Burble: Ignore that stop sign
(Backing Trio: Ignore that stop sign)
Burble: You get hit by a car
(Backing Trio: Get hit by a car.)
Burble: You wanna run that light?
(Backing Trio: Naw, naw.)
Burble: Someone's tire squeals.
(Backing Trio: Mmmmm)
Burble: What I'm talkin' about
Is you gotta watch out
When you're ridin' on wheels.

Backing Trio: You're flyin' down the sidewalk on your roller blades or skates
See that driveway? There's a car that's backin' out.
With all that rubber that you burn,
Did you signal for that turn?
Burble & Backing Trio: And keep your bike inside the bike lane.
Burble: So what's this all about?

It's about your wheels.
(Backing Trio: About your wheels.)
Burble: It's about you.
(Backing Trio: About you.)
Burble: It's about inline skates and bikes and Razors too.
(Backing Trio: Razors, too.)
Burble: It's about skateboards.
(Backing Trio: Yeah, yeah.)
Burble: So when you're ready to roll.
(Backing Trio: You're ready to roll.)
Burble: You gotta have eyes alert, and you gotta always have control.

Burble: 'Cause you can do it right
(Backing Trio: You can do it right...)
Burble: Or you can do it wrong.
(Backing Trio: You can do it wrong.)
Burble: Remember, fools ignore the rules, and they don't last long.
(Backing Trio: They don't last long.)
Burble: You're ridin' smart.
(Backing Trio: Yeah, yeah.)
Burble: But then you're gonna have fun.
(Backing Trio: Uh-huh.)
Burble: Don't follow the rules, there gonna be callin' for 911.

Backing Trio: You keep your bike away from traffic. Don't go flyin' off the curb.
And always ride on the right side of the street.
Before you cross that intersection,
Look at each direction.
Burble & Backing Trio: Stay inside that crosswalk, keep it safe.
Burble: And I repeat.

You gotta wear that helmet.
(Backing Trio: Gotta wear that helmet.)
Burble: And don't go too fast.
(Backing Trio: Don't go too fast.)
Burble: Obey that stop sign.
(Backing Trio: Watch the stop sign)
Burble: Or you'll wear a cast.
(Backing Trio: You gonna wear a cast.)
Burble: Make sure those drivers
(Backing Trio: Yeah, yeah.)
Burble: Know where you are.
(Backing Trio: Know where you are.)
Burble: When you're ridin' on wheels...
Burble & Backing Trio: Know how it feels
To be a Danger Ranger star.

Zabba dah-dabba-doo!

Appearances Edit

  • Wild Wheels (first appearance)
  • Kitty's Surprise Party


  • Although only Burble sings the lead vocals, all of the Danger Rangers appear silently at the end except Gabriela and Fallbot.

Goofs Edit

  • Out of the three back-up singer cats, the police cat's fur continually changes from a grayish brown to pink, and vice-versa. In fact, absolutely including appearing in certain scenes more than once, she appears pink eight times.
  • During the part where the trio goes, "You keep your bike away from traffic. Don't go flying off the curb," sometimes there are lines between their legs and feet.