"When You're Coming Down that Slide" is a song from "Where the Fun Never Stops". It explains how to play it safe on a playground.


Burble: When you're coming down that slide,
Keep your arms and legs inside.

Kitty: Make sure that you don't collide

Burble & Kitty: With somebody else.

Sully: When you climb on top of things

Kitty: Like monkey bars and metal rings

Sully: And jungle gyms and ropes and swings

Hang on.

Kitty: Don't fall down.

When you're flying round and round,

Sully: Don't step off that merry-go-round.

Kitty: Let it stop.

Burble: Then step on down, you see?

Sully: And in the parks and schools,
Those playground rules

Burble: Are made for you and me.
So we're safe to play,
'Cause that's the way to be.

Kitty: When you play hide-and-seek,

Sully: Before you sneak too far,

Kitty: Make sure an adult there

Sully: Knows just where you are.

Squeeky: Avoid the street where there might be a car.

Burble: And share that slide and swing you love
With the other kids.

Sully: Don't push and shove.

Kitty: Could be glass inside that box,
So don't take off your shoes and socks.

Burble: Don't throw sand or sticks or rocks
At anyone else.

Sully: Don't stand up on that slide or swing.

Burble: One false move, and a...

Squeeky: Bada-bing!

Burble: Your arm is in a cast or sling.
You're down, down, down.

Sully: When on the playground at the park...

Kitty: Never stay out after dark.

Burble: Know the time to disembark for home.

Sully: 'Cause playground rules

Burble: Are helpful tools

Sully: For safety, yes, siree.

Burble: So swing and slide and climb and play.

Kitty: Just make sure that you obey

Burble: Playground rules you learn today from me.

Stay safe to play,
'Cause that's the way to be.

Burble, Sully, Kitty, & Squeeky: Safety rules!

Appearances Edit


  • The Danger Rangers wear straw hats and bow ties in this song segment.
  • This song explains how to be careful on having fun.


  • Ironically, Burble does not play it safe during the part where he is riding a unicycle because he is not wearing any safety gear at all, and a crash is made.