Worley the Weasel is the main antagonist of "The Great Race." He is a teenage weasel with a gang. Because he wants a race car, and so does every kid, he plans on doing something to win a race. He causes the kids to pay him money and tells them to choose their own route and that whoever reaches the finish line first wins. He gives them two rules: 1) no wheels, period; 2) nobody gets to know about it but the kids and weasels themselves, or they'll be disqualified.

Unfortunately, the "choose-your-own-route" choice means crossing busy streets, getting those kids in trouble. They weasel out of telling the truth about why they were doing so to the Danger Rangers, but promise never to do that again. When they show up and tell the Rangers they are cool, they talk the kids into explaining having hidden the truth from them. So the Rangers confront Worley and his gang, and then decide on another race, which the Rangers will supervise. At first, Worley is last, but behind the Rangers' back, his gang deceive the other racers into going the wrong way so Worley will be first. Eventually, Gabriela pays a fee and flies opposite Worley (to his dismay; the rules hadn't said no wings). Worley protests that Gabriela had cheated, but she has a better idea. While the kids get remote-control racing cars of their own, Worley and his gang are meanwhile sentenced to community service, learning to be traffic boys for school kids.

Worley is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz.

Appearances Edit

  • The Great Race (first appearance)