"You've Got to Think of Everyone Else" is the first song from "Wet and Wild." It is sung about how you should behave safely in a pool, such as not to do anything that will hurt or otherwise inconvenience anyone else in the pool.


Burble: When you're cannonballin' into the pool
Splashin' everyone, thinkin' that's cool,
Squeeky: Keep in mind about the number one rule:
All: You've got to think of everyone else.

Ohhh-ho, when you dive with your arms and legs spread,
Squeeky: ... do you land on top of somebody's head?
Kitty: You hear, "Ow!"
All: And then now, they're in a hospital bed.
You've got to think of everyone else.

Burble: Folks a-swimmin' while you run and you chase.
Kitty: Then you dive in close, invading their space.
Sully: Everybody gets a wave in their face.
All: You didn't think of anyone else.

Ohhh-ho. Ohh-ho.
Squeeky: It's good to be polite.
All: Ohhh-ho. Ohh-ho.
Burt: 'Cause hurting others ain't right.
Sully: Dude, it's rude
Sully & Kitty: ... to give others a fright.
All: You've got to think of everyone else.

All: And in that crowded pool,
There are lots of kids that you meet.
When you swim and race,
Don't you smack a face
With your arms and your kickin' feet.

Burble: Cannonballin' is excitin', it's true.
Kitty: So is jumpin' off a divin' board, too,
Sully & Kitty: But keep in mind, it isn't about you.
All: You've got to think of everyone else.

So-ho, come along. Everybody let's go
In the pool, with our friends, and say,
Squeeky: "Look out below!"
All: We can jump, we can dive, just as long as we know,
We've got to think of everyone else.

And we'll all be okay
When we come to the day
When life is great and lots of fun
And nice and safe 'cause everyone
Always thinks of everyone else.

Appearances Edit

  • Wet and Wild (first appearance)